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GramBea.jpg (125882 bytes)  1927  Beatrice O'Halloran, Aunt Mamie Graft, Mary Groundwater and Ann Lewis

Pop.jpg (30838 bytes)    Pop - Edward Joseph Sr.

EDJFF.jpg (69838 bytes)  1945 Edward Joseph Jr.,  N.Y.C. Firefighter

Mom-Dad.jpg (94998 bytes)  Mom and Dad - Ed and Elizabeth O'Halloran Jr.

Goldie-Dad.jpg (34276 bytes) Dad and Goldie - Ed Jr. & Goldie

Barb1959.jpg (41811 bytes) Barbara O'Halloran 1959

Ed-Jim.jpg (19994 bytes) Eddie and Jimmy - undated

K-B.jpg (24290 bytes) Karen & Bea - undated

EdJr_UncleJack.jpg (43921 bytes) Dad, Uncle Jack and a Friend

KarenBea_Confirmation.jpg (28482 bytes) Karen & Bea making Confirmation

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